Alt-tab'ing into presentation in Chrome triggers step-next #127

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blahbap commented Mar 22, 2012

When alt-tab'ing from another application into Chrome, a "step next" is triggered, (next slide is shown). This behavior does not occurs in Firefox. This is somewhat annoying when holding a presentations and you're switching between 2 or more applications.


bartaz commented Mar 22, 2012

What operating system are you using? Is it in Chrome or Chromium?

I can't reproduce this issue on Windows 7 nor on a Mac OS X.

larroy commented Mar 22, 2012

Let's close it, seems it was a browser bug.

blahbap commented Mar 22, 2012

This is on Windows 7 (Enterprise), running vanilla Chrome (17.0.963.83 m)

regebro commented Mar 31, 2012

Also on Ubuntu 11.10 with Chrome 17.0.963.79.

Removing the support for a tab going to the next slide fixes the problem.

Also happens under Ubuntu 10.10 with Chrome 18.0.1025.142.

airborn commented Mar 31, 2012

I can't reproduce this on Ubuntu 11.10 with Chrome 19.0.1084.1


bartaz commented Mar 31, 2012

On my Ubuntu 10.10 with Chromium 18.0.996.0 it doesn't happen. I also can't reproduce it on Chrome 19.0.1081.2.

It seems to affect only some very specific Chrome version on very specific systems.

Removing TAB key from the list that triggers next step is a good workaround, so do it if it helps you.
I added TAB to the next step keys because if it didn't have any action assigned sometimes you were able to focus some element on a page with TAB key and it was breaking the positioning of the steps (browser was scrolling to make focused element visible). So this issue may affect you when you disable TAB key action.

blahbap commented Mar 31, 2012

Ok, thanks to all for input on this error - hopefully the problem will go away in future releases of Chrome. With this workaround, I'll close the issue.

blahbap closed this Mar 31, 2012

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