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Platika commented May 2, 2012

My group created a reference page for impress.js that includes definitions for the different tools included with in impress.js we hope that this reference page will help people utilize impress.js and gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities it has to offer.

Platika and others added some commits Mar 25, 2012
@Platika Platika added barebones version ebfdd53
@Platika Platika added .gitignore for .ds_store files e8e3943
@Platika Platika Created folder and index page for API 55b671e
@Platika Platika created rough example 16f4187
@Platika Platika Created Step Slide Example and include code image f0ecba9
@Platika Platika Added Step Example Page 63de61c
@Platika Platika Cleaned up Menu and Added Demo 47b7cdc
@Platika Platika fixed index error 3825bd7
@Platika Platika Added data_rotate b31e0c0
@Platika Platika added data x 274b81e
@Platika Platika added data y 278f95f
@Platika Platika added data z d950cea
@Platika Platika updated index 79f77f5
@Platika Platika fixed step header f963ce9
@Staft Staft Added Data Scale page to API index 2eb8140
@Platika Platika re-ordered index file 980e56f
@Platika Platika OCD balancing 3d27cbe
@Staft Staft Adds uncompleted description to Data Scale page
as well as data scale code example image.
@Staft Staft Added data transition duration page to index 51d24bd
@Platika Platika added Data Width and Height 25c3992
@Platika Platika corrected Index e6d574e
@Platika Platika housekeeping index b761d9f
@Platika Platika lolz 275d39c
@Staft Staft Brief description of DTD fbf0ef5
@Platika Platika Built Barebones example ab8c3cb
@Platika Platika updated the index and added the refrences cbd8d57
@Platika Platika fixed a mistake! d4827c8
@Platika Platika fixing small stuff 13c56b0
@Platika Platika added main text for index 2353787
@Platika Platika added get_impress zip file e5cf525
@Platika Platika fixed get impress link on pages 620bb54
@Platika Platika Fixed Speling Error Refrences to References 51e576a
@Platika Platika fixed capitalization 2605849
@Platika Platika added definition for data height, transition duration, and width 74a2a12
@Platika Platika fixed naming convention e1eebde
@Platika Platika fixed index page 798b752
@aweissman aweissman Example Pics Added
Data Height
Data Rotate
Data Scale
Data transition
Data width
Data X
Data Y
Data Z
@Platika Platika gave definition to step and step slide 0c57dc2
@Staft Staft Fixed titles and names of functions in API 353618c
@Staft Staft Fixed data-rotate titles and names 7c97a4e
bartaz commented May 5, 2012

This is very interesting piece of work you have there. I'd love to see it hosted somewhere.

But I'm not going to merge it into impress.js source. It's because I don't think I'll have time to keep it up to date with changes in impress.js -- I don't even have enough time to make them happen.

But feel free to build it. Maybe host it on github pages, so others can see it. I'll be happy to link it from impress.js docs (or even contribute if I have time).

@bartaz bartaz closed this May 5, 2012
bartaz commented May 5, 2012

On the other hand.

I just opened impress.js wiki on GitHub. I know it's something else - you don't control CSS or layout in any way. But it's quite nice any easy way to have community driven documentation.

Maybe you would be willing to move your impress.js documentation there?

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