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With this commit you can set the id of the next or of the previous slide, so impress.js can have byways.

For example if you can explain featureX, but your listeners perhaps know it or not, so the main line can be page1 -> page2 -> page3. If your listeners don't know it, you can show it, and a byway can be: page1 -> feature1..featureN -> page2 -> as before.

You must set this settings:

  • previous slide of page1 is overview
  • next slide of overview is page1
  • previous slide of feature1 is page1
  • next slide of featureN is page2

You can test it at

(This pull request is identical to #58, I accidentaly deleted my old branch)

@presidento presidento Add support for alternative ways.
With this commit impress.js has real support for alternative ways.
You can go from page 1 to page 2, but if you want, you can explain
the unknown feature, so you can walk in an alternative way, for
example page 1 - feature 1..fetureN - and return to page 2.
@presidento presidento referenced this pull request Jan 16, 2012

Byways with Impress.js #58

bartaz commented Jan 16, 2012

Interesing idea, I'll think about it. It adds a little bit of non-linear complexity but as it's totally optional it will probably be just fine...


I think this would be an awesome improvement. There's just one small part missing: if you scroll through the slides (using the scroll wheel) it does not jump from #overview to #page1, but it continues to #feature1.

As far as I understand it, the part to change would be ..


I hope, mouse wheel navigation will be removed, see #51 (comment) and the answers. But yes, it can be implemented creating two new functions with the name goNext and goPrevious and calling it from both place.

medikoo commented Jan 18, 2012

I think it can be neatly achieved with optional next option on slide and with proposed JS API (#39).
With next option (configured via data-next attribute) we can customize slides flow to differ from div elements order e.g:

<div class="step" data-next="other-topic">
   <p><a onclick="goTo('explanation')">Explain in more detail ?</a>

<div class="step" id="explanation">
  <p>.. further explanation ..</p>

<div class="step" id="other-topic">
  <p>Next topic</p>

Implementation of that I believe would be quite simple

FagnerMartinsBrack commented Feb 4, 2016 edited

Hi @presidento, in an effort to clear up older issues/PRs we are pinging back to know if you are still tracking this request.

To give a little bit of context, recently a decision was made in the project to make the development more active and the first task is to clear up older issues like this one to see if the OP is still interested in keep it going.


Hello @FagnerMartinsBrack, I am happy to see that the development will be active again.

This was an old PR, I can live without it.

@presidento presidento closed this Feb 4, 2016

Thanks for the feedback!

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