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This release includes new features and fixes since Apr 11, 2020, when v1.1.0 was released.

Major features and improvements:

  • The default target resolution used inside impress.js code for various layout and transformations, is now 1920x1080 (Full HD). In addition the max scale factor by default is now 3 x the default, meaning for larger resolutions, impress.js will stretch the slide contents to fill the available screen.
    • NOTE: This change may affect your layout if you've used the default target resolution in your presentations. See for how to explicitly set the wanted resolution.
  • The Rel plugin now supports relative coordinates also for rotations. This means you can now define all coordinates relative to the previous step position and rotation. Huge thank you to new contributor Thawk for this amazing piece of math.
  • Fixes to defining coordinates with relative-to-screen-size units (h and w).
  • Use element attribute title, if available, in the navigation-ui drop box
  • Support custom ordering for substeps

Thanks to Tim Gates, kdxcxs, Bartek Szopka, Daniel Sockwell, thawk, Ikko Ashimine, hugocvx, Christoph Neumann, Henrik Ingo for features, fixes, and cleanup, whether small or large, in this release.