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Hi, it would be nice, if the supported browsers are displayed too


Yep, as I mention in the blog post, that's one of the limitations right now. I have plans to eventually add that, but as usual, it's somewhat complicated due to the fact that some old browsers have "partial" support for certain things, or in other cases they have a lot of bugs. I'll have to see how it goes, but even if I do add browser support, it's unlikely to be satisfactory to everyone due to these factors.

ndersh commented Sep 11, 2012



html5readiness.com obtains their browser readiness from caniuse.com - maybe you could ask them if their API is open?

This way you wouldn't have to take on the overhead of updating browser capabilities yourself. :)


@adamcbrewer The caniuse.com app displays info on "new" features in HTML5, CSS3, etc. so it doesn't have old stuff from CSS2.1, which is the majority of my app.


Browser support would be awesome. I'd love to help if you need it.


This is now done. I've updated the info and it now includes desktop and mobile browser support info for each property. There are some extra notes on missing support, but some sections will need improvement. For example, I might have to add an asterisk or something next to values that are cutting-edge and aren't supported by older browsers.

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