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Missing "pointer-events" property #12

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Yes, agreed, however, according to the W3C spec, this property is only valid for SVG elements:

So if I'm going to include pointer-events, then I also have to include all other SVG-related properties.

So that's basically why I didn't include it, because for non-SVG elements, it's considered "experimental" (as the MDN article points out). I want this particular reference to only include stuff that's made it into the spec.

Now, that having been said, if you can find "pointer-events" listed anywhere here as a valid CSS property for non-SVG elements, then I'll gladly include it. I did find this:

But that's not an official spec page, and it says there that it was "Moved from CSS3-UI editor's draft because it was the top source of issues for the 2nd CSS3-UI LCWD." (whatever that means!) I think it used to be in here:

Anyhow, thanks for the tip, I'll keep this issue open while I investigate further.


I've added this a while ago with just 2 values. I think the alternate values still only work on SVG elements, so I'll close this for now.

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