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When you type in "padding", the first entry is "padding-top" where the expected result would be "padding".

In fact, "padding" is the last result displayed.


I basically modelled the order after the spec, where it lists the shorthand properties last. Also, as explained in the "help" section, if you want to avoid multiple results, you have to add a space at the end of the property name. So to see only "padding", just type "padding" then hit the spacebar.

But now on looking at this again, I think you're right, it would probably make more sense to list the shorthand property first in all of those "grouped" results. I'll reorganize it and see if it's better that way. Thanks.


I've fixed this now. So any property whose full name is also part of another property name will appear first among multiple results. For example, typing "border" puts "border" at the top followed by "border-collapse", etc. This way, the spacebar trick isn't as necessary, but will still filter down the results to avoid multiples if used.

I think this is much better so thanks for pointing this out. Should have been obvious! :)


Great, you're the man!

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