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Display the alternate values for a property. For example for margin you display:
[margin-top] [margin-right] [margin-bottom] [margin-left]
why not also display
[margin-top] [margin-right & margin-left] [margin-bottom]
[margin-top & margin-bottom] [margin-right & margin-left]
[margin-top & margin-right & margin-bottom & margin-left] or [all margins]

same goes for padding and any other property like that.


Yeah, I considered something like that, but because those properties are so simple, I felt it was okay to omit. I wanted to keep it clean.

What I will do is add a "further info" note that explains that when one or more values are omitted, the existing values are assumed to be the same as the ones omitted (or something less convoluted than that!). Thanks.


I've added a "further info" explanation for this to the appropriate shorthand properties. Example:

I assume that is satisfactory, so I'll close this issue.

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