An up to date list of RSS feeds for front-end developers.
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Front-end Feeds

An up-to-date list of RSS feeds for front-end developers.

This list is a modified version of Paul Irish's list of front-end feeds. I've taken the most relevant feeds from his list and created a new feeds list.

Despite the death of Google Reader, I still use RSS regularly, and I think lots of others in the industry do too — but probably not as frequently as we used to.

The feeds list is divided into six sections:

  1. Must Read
  2. Great to Read
  3. Feedception (News lists, link lists, etc.)
  4. Dailies and Weeklies
  5. Q&A (Stack Overflow, forums, etc.)
  6. Podcasts

You'll probably notice that a lot of stuff you expect to see here is missing. I've excluded certain websites from this list for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The blog/site hasn't been updated in a long time
  • Posts are very infrequent (e.g. 2 per year or fewer)
  • Too many personal posts that have nothing to do with web development
  • Too many sponsored posts and other non-desirables


As stated above, I'm still working on this and I'm happy to take suggestions, even if it's your own feed. I know I'm missing lots of good stuff, especially newer stuff that I'm probably not as familiar with, and probably a lot on performance and tooling.

So please contribute by commenting, opening an issue, or by submitting a pull request.

The list of feeds is below and there's also an OPML (.xml) file that you can import directly into your feed reader of choice.

The Feeds

Divided into the above listed categories...

Must Read

Great to Read

Feedception (News lists, link lists, etc.)

Dailies and Weeklies

Q&A (Stack Overflow, etc.)


Missing Feeds?

I'd also like to include the following feeds, but the feeds aren't working or else they don't have one that I can see: