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An up to date list of RSS feeds for front-end developers.
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Frontend Feeds (Updated March 2020)

An up-to-date list of RSS feeds for front-end developers. See 2020 blog post.

Despite the death of Google Reader, I still use RSS regularly, and I think lots of others in the industry do too — but probably not as frequently as we used to.

This list was originally inspired by Paul Irish's list of front-end feeds from 2011, but it's evolved quite a bit since then. I built my own list, which I published in 2014, but I felt like it needed another refresh. For this update, I consulted Šime Vidas' huge feeds list to round this one out, along with a number of other sources.

The feeds list is divided into six sections, which I find is easier to digest when perusing it all weekly, or even daily:

  1. The Giants
  2. Multi-author Blogs
  3. Top Front-end Bloggers
  4. More Front-end Bloggers
  5. Hackernoon Tags
  6. Browsers, Engines, etc.
  7. Libraries, Frameworks, etc.
  8. Company & Startup Blogs
  9. Developer & Designer News
  10. Q&A Sites & Forums
  11. YouTube Channels

I've excluded some feeds from this list for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The blog/site hasn't been updated in a long time
  • Posts are very infrequent (e.g. 2 per year or fewer)
  • Too many personal posts and other things that have nothing to do with web development, with no way to filter
  • Too many list posts, sponsored content, etc.
  • Paywalls (e.g. I've excluded most Medium feeds)


This is always a work in progress so I'm happy to take suggestions, even if it's your own feed. So please contribute by opening an issue.

The list of feeds is in an OPML file that you can use to import directly into your feed reader of choice. You'll also find the full list below with links to the RSS feed and the primary URL of the feed, if you just want to pick and choose your own.

The List of Feeds

Here is the full list of feeds, categorized the same way as in the OPML file. This list is alphabetical within each category, whereas the OPML file is not. But that shouldn't be a problem because your feed reader should organize the feeds alphabetically (in each top-level category) on import.

The Giants

These are the sites with the most traffic, most popular, etc.

Multi-author Blogs

These are large blogs/websites similar to the ones in the previous category that feature multiple authors.

Top Front-end Bloggers

These are some of the more popular front-end blogs that feature a single author.

More Front-end Bloggers

This is a boatload of other front-end bloggers that you might find useful.

Hackernoon Tags

Hackernoon has a ton of material, so I've divided their feed into categories most relevant to front-end developers.

Browsers, Engines, etc.

These are browser blogs and feeds for technologies related to search, developer specifications, browser engines, etc.

Libraries, Frameworks, etc.

These are the official blogs for coding-related tools like frameworks or JavaScript libraries.

Company & Startup Blogs

These are similar to the multi-author blogs, but are blogs tied to a specific product, startup, company, etc.

Developer & Designer News

These are feeds that focus on news, links, etc. In other words, feeds within feeds.

Q&A Sites & Forums

These are category feeds from Stack Overflow and front-end related subreddit feeds from Reddit.

YouTube Channels

These are RSS feeds for YouTube channels. I'm sure I could add a lot more to this category, I simply haven't done a lot of research in this area yet.

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