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add a note about filename extensions not being required at all for html.

Probably too long and could be worded better. I can't figure out what license there is for this site/repo but feel free to edit mercilously. ;-) (as wikipedia's edit box warns)
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@@ -329,6 +329,13 @@ <h1 id="intervention"><b>W3Schools</b> An Intervention</h1>
That is hardly "new software", and illustrates the misunderstanding of basic principles of
computing &amp; software design that tends to permeate W3Schools material.
+ <p>
+ Extensions are not necessary at all and if they are present they don't have to be
+ <code>.htm</code> or <code>.html</code>. The key thing is that HTML files are served with
+ the corrent content-type e.g. <code>text/html</code>. (many web servers have some built in
+ or preconfigured knowledge that <code>.htm</code> and <code>.html</code> should be served
+ with the <code>text/html</code> content-type)
+ </p>
<li id="html5_webstorage">

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