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gRPC-Web-Example: A simple Golang API server and TypeScript frontend

Get started (with HTTP 1.1)

  • npm install
    • The postinstall will run npm run get_go_deps to install Golang dependencies. dep is used for go dependency management.
  • npm start to start the Golang server and Webpack dev server
  • Go to http://localhost:8081

Using HTTP2

HTTP2 requires TLS. This repository contains certificates in the ../misc directory which are used by the server. You can optionally generate your own replacements using the in the same directory. You will need to import the ../misc/localhostCA.pem certificate authority into your browser, checking the "Trust this CA to identify websites" so that your browser trusts the localhost server.

  • npm run start:tls to start the Golang server and Webpack dev server with the certificates in misc
  • Go to https://localhost:8082