fordhurley and johanbrandhorst Add backend_backoff_max_delay flag to grpcwebproxy (#278)
Add backend_backoff_max_delay flag to grpcwebproxy

Fixes #278
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gRPC Web Proxy

This is a small reverse proxy that can front existing gRPC servers and expose their functionality using gRPC-Web protocol, allowing for the gRPC services to be consumed from browsers.


  • structured logging of proxied requests to stdout
  • debug HTTP endpoint (default on port 8080)
  • Prometheus monitoring of proxied requests (/metrics on debug endpoint)
  • Request (/debug/requests) and connection tracing endpoints (/debug/events)
  • TLS 1.2 serving (default on port 8443):
    • with option to enable client side certificate validation
  • both secure (plaintext) and TLS gRPC backend connectivity:
    • with customizable CA certificates for connections

The indented use is as a companion process for gRPC server containers.


Pre-build binaries

There are pre-build binaries available for Windows, Mac and Linux (x86_64):

Building from source

To build, you need to have Go >= 1.8, and call go get with dep ensure:

git clone $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
dep ensure # after installing dep
go install ./go/grpcwebproxy # installs into $GOPATH/bin/grpcwebproxy


Here's a simple example that fronts a local, TLS gRPC server:

    --server_tls_cert_file=../../misc/localhost.crt \
    --server_tls_key_file=../../misc/localhost.key \
    --backend_addr=localhost:9090 \

Running specific servers

By default, grpcwebproxy will run both TLS and HTTP debug servers. To disable either one, set the --run_http_server or --run_tls_server flags to false.

For example, to only run the HTTP server, run the following:

    --backend_addr=localhost:9090 \

Enabling Websocket Transport

By default, grpcwebproxy will not use websockets as a transport layer. To enable websockets, set the --use_websockets flag to true.

$GOPATH/bin/grpcwebproxy \
    --backend_addr=localhost:9090 \

Changing the Maximum Receive Message Size

By default, grpcwebproxy will limit the message size that the backend sends to the client. This is currently 4MB. To override this, set the --backend_max_call_recv_msg_size flag to an integer with the desired byte size.

For example, to increase the size to 5MB, set the value to 5242880 (5 * 1024 * 1024).

grpcwebproxy \

Note that if you set a lower value than 4MB, the lower value will be used. Also, it is preferrable to send data in a stream than to set a very large value.