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Fabryz opened this Issue Jun 19, 2012 · 5 comments


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Any way to understand if i'm being blocked by the twitter rate-limit or something?

I'm investigating why after some time the stream suddently stops


Are you listening for the 'error' event on the stream object?
If twitter is stopping you, the stream object should emit that event with related information.

Other posiblility is that you are not catching some error and the connection ends. I working on streaming api reconection right now.


Ok, at the moment I don't see any errors on the log. Will need to witness the point where it stops working
As a workaround I was thinking to make a simple watcher-like function that triggers an autorestart of the stream if N minutes passes and no tweets are received


I just implemented automatic reconnection. If you want to help with the debugging, welcome.

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