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EPP-DRS (EPP Domain Registration System) is the most powerful domain selling and management system in the world. It allows you to run your own full-cycle domain registration service, with ability for your clients to register, renew, transfer domain names.

System web interface consists of 3 areas: Domain Order Wizard, Registrant Control Panel and Registrar Control Panel. The system communicates with various registries and SRS via modules and is handling over 150 (and counting) domain extensions.

Well-documented SDK allows developers to easily build and test custom modules.

Software is made by registrars for registrars - it's a result of collaboration with respected domain business insiders.


  • Easy to deploy and maintain.
  • Built-in smart auto-update that will permanently keep you up-to-date and secure
  • Fully-implemented EPP protocol (for EPP-based registry modules) according to RFCs 4930-4934 (with appropriate registries extensions).
  • Powerful invoicing system with automated payments.
  • Natively modular. You can create your own fully-featured registry and payment modules using EPP-DRS SDK. Documentation available.
  • Built with usability in mind: All interfaces are well thought-out.
  • Templates-based. Every aspect of interface customizable.
  • AJAX-widgets for domain avalability check, template editor, etc.
  • Easily translatable and localizable via language files and settings.
  • No legacy code. Most domain selling systems on the market are ancient. They are victims of backward compatibility requirement. EPP-DRS is not.
  • Logging system. All registry transactions are logged.
  • Secure. 256 bit encryption used for internal passwords encryption and hashing.
  • You can safely migrate from your current sofware, import existing domains, previously registered directly through registry or using any other software.
  • Flexible: Customizable order forms. You can add additional custom fields of various types.
  • Ability to set separate pricing for specific clients and groups.
  • Various VATs, like Managed DNS (you can do domain marking with ease).


In memory of Alexey Kovalyov - Brilliant engineer, caring brother, and most excellent friend. This project is dedicated to you.