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Plugin for OctoPrint - displays temperatures on navbar



Install the plugin using Plugin Manager from Settings

Need new platform support?

If you need support for additional platform, please inform us and add such information:

  • How to read temperature
  • How to define platform type

And be ready for testing.

Custom command

Plugin is supporting up to one custom command, in navbar will be displayed raw output of command. Example: NavbarTemp


Change notes:

v 0.15

  • Fix few exceptions
  • Themify support added Also made the CSS safe from conflicting with other elements
  • Hide tools temps when not active #80
  • Fahrenheit display added #63 #37
  • Add BCM2711 as supported SoC
  • Consolidate vcgencmd path between versions

v 0.14

  • Temperature is visible, connection is no needed #47 #65
  • Fix for python 3 - #68
  • Support for shorter tool names - #29
  • Fix for settings saving reported in #47
  • Added possibility to remove target temperature output #57
  • Added possibility to configure soc name on navbar #43

v 0.13

  • added support for custom commands

v 0.11

  • added support for all platforms running under Armbian