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Twenty Nineteen Frontity Theme Project 🎨

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🔥 A WordPress Twenty Nineteen Theme Project in React for Frontity.

Check out the demo site here.

Tutorial Video

Demo 📹

Frontity en la consola

Demo 2 📹

Speed and performance comparision between the same Twenty Nineteen theme on WordPress (in PHP) vs Frontity (in React).

Frontity en la consola

Installation 🔧

1. For new projects: clone this project.

  1. git clone

  2. cd frontity-twentynineteen.

  3. npm install && npx frontity dev (from the project's root directory).

  4. Your site will now be available at http://localhost:3000/

2. For new/existing project: use npm.

  1. npm install @frontity/twentynineteen-theme.
  2. Add the package in frontity-settings.js.
  packages: [
      name: "@frontity/twentynineteen-theme",
      state: {
        theme: {
          menu: [
            ["Home", "/"],
            ["Nature", "/category/nature/"],
            ["Travel", "/category/travel/"],
            ["Japan", "/tag/japan/"],
            ["About Us", "/about-us/"]
          featured: {
            showOnList: true,
            showOnPost: true
  1. Remove your previous theme (mars-theme?) from frontity-settings.js.
  2. npx frontity dev (from project's root directory).
  3. Your site will be available at http://localhost:3000/.

Credits 💮


  1. Imran Sayed
  2. Smit Patadiya


  1. Shaun Guimond
  2. David Arenas

License 📜

License: GPL v2