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Hangfire job activator based on Spring.Net IoC container

Spring.Net integration for Hangfire. Provides an implementation of the JobActivator class, allowing you to use Spring.Net container to resolve job type instances.

Hangfire.SpringNet resolves service instances.


Hangfire.SpringNet is available as a NuGet Package. Type the following command into NuGet Package Manager Console window to install it:

Install-Package Hangfire.SpringNet


The package provides an extension methods for the IGlobalConfiguration interface, so you can enable Spring.Net integration using the GlobalConfiguration class:

Spring.Context.IApplicationContext context = Spring.Context.Support.ContextRegistry.GetContext();

After invoking the UseSpringActivator method, Spring.Net-based implementation of the JobActivator class will be used to resolve job type instances during the background job processing.

If the type is not defined as singleton in Spring.Net, the activator class will try to dispose the class if it implements IDisposable interface

Also be aware that many web related properties that you may be using such as HttpContext.Current will not be available.