This is a plugin for Pinegrow , this plugin will add Basic OWL Carousel functionality with required files, but you must add jquery on your own.
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Owl Carousel v2 Plugin for Pinegrow


This is a plugin for Pinegrow, to download trial a version of Pinegrow visit, this plugin adds basic OWL Carousel (v2) functionality when activated in Pinegrow, add jquery to your page ( or use a framework like Bootstrap (Built into Pinegrow to make thing easy for you). To see examples and a demo visit .

Plugin Introduction Video


Animate CSS

Animate.css has been added so now you can use Animate.css you can visit for more effects.

default parameters for owl carousel are:

    animateOut: 'fadeOut', 
    animateIn: 'fadeIn',

How to use This Plugin

  1. Make sure you have jQuery Added to the page before activating the plugin. if you don't know how to add jquery then just add the following line before closing head tag of your web page.

     <script src=""></script>
  2. You have to save the page after that

  3. load the plugin by click on Manage Library and Plugin

  4. load the plugin

  5. Click Add Button

  6. Now activate and add resources to page.

you will see new option in LIB panel of OWL Slider, just drag and drop OWL slider first then you can add other slides as many as you want. when you select OWL Carousel from right panel, then from Properties you can add different parameters currently noly support four parameters which are mentioned above.

The upcoming PRO version will include all the OWL features. If you have any questions or feedback contact me via Skype:software_solutions.

Screenshots from Pro Version




#Key features of PRO Version of Plugin

List including all options from built-in plugins video, lazyload, mousewheel and animate.


To add mouswheel scrolling just included the fantastic plugin jquery.mousewheel.js created by Brandon Aaron. Link to plugin GitHub page

##items Type: Number Default: 3

The number of items you want to see on the screen.

##margin Type: Number Default: 0

margin-right(px) on item.

##loop Type: Boolean Default: false

Inifnity loop. Duplicate last and first items to get loop illusion.

##center Type: Boolean Default: false

Center item. Works well with even an odd number of items.

##mouseDrag Type: Boolean Default: true

Mouse drag enabled.

##touchDrag Type: Boolean Default: true

Touch drag enabled.

##pullDrag Type: Boolean Default: true

Stage pull to edge.

##freeDrag Type: Boolean Default: false

Item pull to edge.

##stagePadding Type: Number Default: 0

Padding left and right on stage (can see neighbours).

##merge Type: Boolean Default: false

Merge items. Looking for data-merge='{number}' inside item..

##mergeFit Type: Boolean Default: true

Fit merged items if screen is smaller than items value.

##autoWidth Type: Boolean Default: false

Set non grid content. Try using width style on divs.

##nav Type: Boolean Default: false

Show next/prev buttons.

#navRewind Type: Boolean Default: true

Go to first/last.

##slideBy Type: Number/String Default: 1

Navigation slide by x. 'page' string can be set to slide by page.

##dots Type: Boolean Default: true

Show dots navigation.

##lazyLoad Type: Boolean Default: false

Lazy load images. data-src and data-src-retina for highres. Also load images into background inline style if element is not

##autoplay Type: Boolean Default: false


##autoplayTimeout Type: Number Default: 5000

Autoplay interval timeout.

##autoplayHoverPause Type: Boolean Default: false

Pause on mouse hover.

##autoplaySpeed Type: Number/Boolean Default: false

autoplay speed.

##video Type: Boolean Default: false

Enable fetching YouTube/Vimeo videos.

##videoHeight Type: Number/Boolean Default: false

Set height for videos.

##videoWidth Type: Number/Boolean Default: false

Set width for videos.

##animateOut Type: String/Bolean Default: false

CSS3 animation out.

##animateIn Type: String/Bolean Default: false

CSS3 animation in.

##fallbackEasing Type: String Default: swing

Easing for CSS2 $.animate.

Thank You!