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A cordova plugin to sync cookies for the very first run when the app is installed on the iPhone device.
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Cordova Plugin: Sync Cookies

A cordova plugin to sync cookies for the very first run when the app is installed on the iPhone device.

Compatible with cordova plugin: Plugin

Problem (in WKWebView)

When installing a fresh build of the application and attempting to log in, it fails because the authentication cookie sent by the server is never stored. Closing the application and re-launching fixes the issue.


A native-code XHR function that javascript code can call. It makes that call, then the application needs to wait for atleast 3 seconds on iPhone6 and onwards and 12 seconds on iPhone5 before attempting further XHRs in your application. If you don't wait long enough, those XHRs will all fail because no cookies are remembered. But if you wait long enough then subsequent XHRs from javascript will have the cookies that were received from the native-code XHR.


Add this code either in index.js or app.component.ts.

document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false);
function onDeviceReady() {
	if (window.plugins.cookie) {
		window.plugins.cookie.executeXHR(SERVICE_URL, function (response) {
			// response: ok
		}, function (error) {
			console.log("error: " + error);

SERVICE_URL: can be any dummy json object e.g:

  "remark": "this file is loaded at startup of the IOS app to synchronize important cookies in advance"

Extra (JS)

You can use this code below to get:

  • Detect if app or desktop
  • Detect if iPhone or other device
  • Get iOS version number and change the setTimeout value accordingly
  • setTimeout for first time (app only) and then run normally for all the next runs
const app = document.URL.indexOf('http://') === -1 && document.URL.indexOf('https://') === -1;
let isIphone = false;
let iOSVersionTimeout = 3000; // 3 secs

if (app) {
	let agent = window.navigator.userAgent;
	let start = agent.indexOf('OS ');
	isIphone = (agent.indexOf('iPhone') > -1) && start > -1

	if (isIphone) { // if device is iPhone
		let iOSVersion = window.Number(agent.substr(start + 3, 3).replace('_', '.'));
		if (iOSVersion < 11) {
			iOSVersionTimeout = 12000; // 12 secs

// logic: app or desktop
if (app && isIphone && localStorage.getItem('ALREADY_LAUNCHED') === null) { // run first time on app only
	setTimeout(() => {
		// start your next XHR requests
	}, iOSVersionTimeout);

	// save item
	localStorage.setItem("ALREADY_LAUNCHED", "true");
} else {
	// start your next XHR requests


Grant Patterson: for providing native-code XHR function.

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