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Location logger for StartupBus

Simple GPS location collector and forwarder service and UI.


ant debug
adb install -r bin/BusDroid-debug.apk

Currently it is targeting API level 16 (Android 4.1 Jelly Bean), with minimum level 10 (given the phones I have to test, HTC Butterfly, and HTC Desire on CyanogenMod 7).


Nutshell, still very flexible

  • GPS logger service, periodically save location info into local database
  • Forwarder service, periodically send saved data to remote server when connection is available


  • use "Get Configuration" with the URL provided by the StartupBus team
  • add choose your bus after the config update
  • add oAuth token given by the team
  • enable GPS
  • start logging and keep logging

External code


Using GPS logger service based on GPSLogger, which is under Apache License, available for modification and distribution, and no "notice.txt" provided.

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