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#!/usr/bin/env python
FUSE-Gett: file system to directly access shares
import logging
from collections import defaultdict
from errno import ENOENT
from stat import S_IFDIR, S_IFLNK, S_IFREG
from sys import argv, exit
from time import time
from fuse import FUSE, FuseOSError, Operations, LoggingMixIn
import requests
import simplejson as json
if not hasattr(__builtins__, 'bytes'):
bytes = str
class Gett(LoggingMixIn, Operations):
Starting off based on the example memory filesystem.
apibase = ""
def __init__(self, apikey, email, password):
jdata = json.dumps(dict(apikey=apikey, email=email, password=password))
print("Connecting to")
apitarget = "%s/1/users/login" %(self.apibase)
req =, data=jdata)
if req.ok:
print("Logged in!")
res = json.loads(req.content)
self.atoken = res['accesstoken']
sharelist = self._getsharelist()
self.spaceused, self.spacetotal = res['user']['storage']['used'], res['user']['storage']['limit']
sharelist = []
now = time()
self.files = {} = defaultdict(bytes)
self.fd = 0
self.files['/'] = dict(st_mode=(S_IFDIR | 0o755), st_ctime=now,
st_mtime=now, st_atime=now, st_nlink=2)
# Populate the directory with the share names
for share in sharelist:
sharename = share['sharename']
dirname = share['title'] if "title" in share else sharename
self.files["/%s" %(dirname)] = dict(st_mode=(S_IFDIR | 0o755),
for f in share['files']:
filename = f['filename']
size = f['size'] if 'size' in f else 0
self.files["/%s/%s" %(dirname, filename)] = dict(st_mode=(S_IFREG | 0o755),
self.files["/%s" %(dirname)]['st_nlink'] += 1
self.files['/']['st_nlink'] += 1
def _getsharelist(self):
""" Get the list of shares for the logged in user """
apitarget = "%s/1/shares?accesstoken=%s" %(self.apibase, self.atoken)
req = requests.get(apitarget)
result = json.loads(req.content) if req.ok else []
return result
def _getfile(self, sharename, fileid):
""" API call to download a file """
apitarget = "%s/1/files/%s/%s/blob" %(self.apibase, sharename, fileid)
req = requests.get(apitarget)
if req.ok:
res = req.content
print "Downloaded: ", sharename, fileid
res = 0
return res
def _createshare(self, sharename):
""" API call to create a new share """
apitarget = "%s/1/shares/create?accesstoken=%s" %(self.apibase, self.atoken)
jdata = json.dumps(dict(title=sharename))
req =, data=jdata)
return req.ok
def _destroyshare(self, sharename):
""" API call to destroy a share """
apitarget = "%s/1/shares/%s/destroy?accesstoken=%s" %(self.apibase, sharename, self.atoken)
req =
return req.ok
def chmod(self, path, mode):
self.files[path]['st_mode'] &= 0o770000
self.files[path]['st_mode'] |= mode
return 0
def chown(self, path, uid, gid):
self.files[path]['st_uid'] = uid
self.files[path]['st_gid'] = gid
def create(self, path, mode):
print("Create: %s" %(path))
self.files[path] = dict(st_mode=(S_IFREG | mode), st_nlink=1,
st_size=0, st_ctime=time(), st_mtime=time(),
self.fd += 1
return self.fd
def getattr(self, path, fh=None):
if path not in self.files:
raise FuseOSError(ENOENT)
return self.files[path]
def getxattr(self, path, name, position=0):
attrs = self.files[path].get('attrs', {})
return attrs[name]
except KeyError:
return '' # Should return ENOATTR
def listxattr(self, path):
attrs = self.files[path].get('attrs', {})
return attrs.keys()
def mkdir(self, path, mode):
""" Create a new directory, that is a new remote share """
dirname = sharename = path[1:]
res = self._createshare(sharename)
if res:
now = time()
self.files["/%s" %(dirname)] = dict(st_mode=(S_IFDIR | 0o755),
self.files['/']['st_nlink'] += 1
def open(self, path, flags):
self.fd += 1
return self.fd
def read(self, path, size, offset, fh):
""" Called when a file is read """
# Download data if we haven't done that yet
if path not in
sharename, fileid = self.files[path]['sharename'], self.files[path]['fileid']
binfile = self._getfile(sharename, fileid)[path] = binfile
return[path][offset:offset + size]
def readdir(self, path, fh):
""" Read a directory, that is the files in a given share """
# Currently working but low performance because we have to
# scan the complete list of files
pathlen = len(path)
if path != '/':
pathlen += 1
result = ['.', '..']
for x in self.files:
if x == '/' or not x.startswith(path+'/'):
name = x[pathlen:].split('/')
if len(name) == 1:
result += [name[0]]
return result
def readlink(self, path):
def removexattr(self, path, name):
attrs = self.files[path].get('attrs', {})
del attrs[name]
except KeyError:
pass # Should return ENOATTR
def rename(self, old, new):
self.files[new] = self.files.pop(old)
def rmdir(self, path):
""" Remove a directory, that is remove a remote share """
target = self.files.pop(path)
self.files['/']['st_nlink'] -= 1
sharename = target['sharename']
for f in self.files:
if sharename in f and f['sharename'] == sharename:
def setxattr(self, path, name, value, options, position=0):
# Ignore options
attrs = self.files[path].setdefault('attrs', {})
attrs[name] = value
def statfs(self, path):
""" Return file system use statistics, for example to be used with df """
return dict(f_bsize=1024, # block size (not sure if it makes a difference)
f_blocks=int(self.spacetotal/1024.0), # max space available, 1K
f_bfree=int((self.spacetotal-self.spaceused)/1024.0), # needed for correct "Used" count, 1K
f_bavail=int((self.spacetotal-self.spaceused)/1024.0), # needed for correct "Available" count, 1K
def symlink(self, target, source):
self.files[target] = dict(st_mode=(S_IFLNK | 0o777), st_nlink=1,
st_size=len(source))[target] = source
def truncate(self, path, length, fh=None):[path] =[path][:length]
self.files[path]['st_size'] = length
def unlink(self, path):
def utimens(self, path, times=None):
now = time()
atime, mtime = times if times else (now, now)
self.files[path]['st_atime'] = atime
self.files[path]['st_mtime'] = mtime
def write(self, path, data, offset, fh):[path] =[path][:offset] + data
self.files[path]['st_size'] = len([path])
return len(data)
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(argv) != 5:
print('usage: %s <mountpoint> <apikey> <email> <passoword>' % argv[0])
mountpoint, apikey, username, password = argv[1:5]
fuse = FUSE(Gett(apikey, username, password), mountpoint, foreground=True)
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