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Lightweight wavemeter control and display environment.





First time

Update node packages (in the command line, or using cmd.exe in Windows) inside the project directory (where package.json is):

npm install

This should install all necessary packages. If you already have the node_packages directory there (copied the project), then might not need to do it.

The current version on Windows might need .Net Framework 3.5 installed to correctly set up.

Other times

Run the server with the included batch scripts (startweb.bat for webserver and startwave.bat wavemeter logger) or directly run using the command line, from within the project's root directory:

node server.js

and in the client directory

C:\Python27\python.exe client\

on Windows

Go to http://localhost:5000


Configuration is in the wavemeter.json file. It's in JSON format, see the relevant documents on the web what should be correct.

The parameters:

  • chnnames: The appropriate channel names. Automatically saved
  • maxBadReadingTime: the longest continuos bad reading allowed, in seconds, default is 300 (5 minutes)
  • channelNum: the number of channels, default is 16

Test client

Example python client included, within the client directory, requires python 2.7 (maybe?)

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