A Facebook status updater and lister in Python.
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A cross-platform desktop Facebook (FB) status updater and lister
written in Python. Uses PyFacebook to make FB API calls.


pyfacebook: http://github.com/sciyoshi/pyfacebook/tree/master

minibook should run on all platforms where these are available,
currently tested on Linux and Windows XP.

How to use it for your own good?

Every application has to register on FB, cannot just fool around...
The FB API uses two keys, an API_KEY and a SECRET_KEY to check the 
application making any API request on behalf of the user. The API_KEY is 
unique for an application, the SECRET_KEY makes sure that other people 
cannot hijack the identity of the app. Thus FB does not allow the 
SECRET_KEY to be made public.

The only problem is, that in an Open Source desktop app, this is not 

Then there is only one solution (I know of at the moment): everyone has 
to have their own version of the application... (silly, isn't it?)

So, to use this project, you have to do the following:

1) Create a new application on FB
Set it's type to "desktop". 

2) On your app's page, note the "API Key" and "Application Secret".
Put them in a file called "config" in the root directory of minibook. 
The first line is the "API Key", the second is "Application Secret".

3) Setup the permission for this app to update your status. See:
More specifically, point your browser to these address:
where you replace "YOUR_API_KEY" appropriately

4) Install dependencies, specifically PyFacebook

5) Run app, if everythings fine it should start the browser to log you 
in, after which you can read your friends' status updates andupdate your

Inherent limitations
Facebook privacy settings grately affect the behaviour of this app. If you have
friends whose updates are not shown but everyone else's are there, or whose
pictures regularly cannot be displayed, most likely they disabled sharing those
information with applications. You can check and change your own settings after
logging into Facebook:
Menu Bar > Settings > Privacy Settings > Applications > Settings

Minibook, it's source code and artwork is released under the MIT License,
basically giving you complete control of how do you use, modify and share
this code, as long as the appropriate copyright information is maintained.
See the file "LICENSE.txt" for detailed terms and conditions for usage.