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#!/usr/bin/env python2
Scipt to extract IP addresses matching a named iptables rule from
from log files. Get their geolocation an create a link to a generated
map showing them.
Input is in syslog format.
import re
import sys
import GeoIP
#### General settings
_MAPSTR = "&markers=color:%s|%.6f,%.6f"
_SRC_IP = re.compile(r'.*?ATTACKED.*?SRC=(?P<sourceIP>\b\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\b)')
def ipmatch(lines, matchrule):
Take a bunch of line and match the source IPs.
out = []
for line in lines:
res = matchrule.match(line)
if'sourceIP') is not None:
out += ['sourceIP')]
return out
def counts(count1, count2):
Reducer for counting data stored in a dict
for key in count2.keys():
if key in count1:
count1[key] += count2[key]
count1[key] = count2[key]
return count1
def getmap(retries, mapbase=_MAPURLBASE):
Create Google Static Map API URL based on IPs and the number of times they
tried and got blocked.
retries: dict if {IP: blocked_times} format
Url string to the map picture
# Explicitly need to download database
# See
geo ="/usr/share/GeoIP/GeoLiteCity.dat", GeoIP.GEOIP_STANDARD)
maps = []
colors = ['red', 'blue', 'yellow']
for srcip in retries.keys():
# Get location record
rec = geo.record_by_addr(srcip)
if retries[srcip] > 10:
coloridx = 2
elif retries[srcip] > 1:
coloridx = 1
coloridx = 0
maps += [_MAPSTR % (colors[coloridx],
url = mapbase + "".join(maps)
return url
def main(argv=None):
Take any number of log file names and generate a map URL for the
location of the attacker IP addresses.
if argv is None:
argv = sys.argv
if len(argv) < 2:
infiles = sys.argv[1:]
total = []
for fname in infiles:
logfile = open(fname, "r")
addr = ipmatch(logfile.readlines(), _SRC_IP)
if len(addr) > 0:
total += addr
tries = [{ip: 1} for ip in total]
retries = reduce(counts, tries)
url = getmap(retries)
print url
if __name__ == "__main__":
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