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+SymTorrent 1.50 release notes
+release notes updated on June 12. 2011
+Table of contents:
+ 1. General info
+ 2. Version history
+ 3. Installation
+ 4. Known issues
+ 5. Developer info
+ 6. Credits
+1. General info
+ SymTorrent is a BitTorrent client for Symbian based smartphones built on the S60 platform.
+ You can use SymTorrent to download torrents right to your mobile phone. Torrents can be started
+ from the browser by clicking on torrent links. If the torrent contains multiple files, you
+ can select which files you want to download.
+2. Version history
+ 1.50 - 2011.03.11. - Changed UIDs back to unprotected in order to reenable self signing.
+ 1.50 - 2010.12.14. General:
+ - First OVI Store release, had to completly restructure projects, change UIDs, etc.
+ - Fixed startup crash caused by missing/deleted saved torrent file
+ - Files larger than 4GB are skipped by default (FAT32 limitation) and a warning is displayed to the user when the torrent is loaded.
+ BitTorrent engine:
+ - If a peer sends a particular piece incorrectly (hash check fails) two times, that piece is not downloaded again from the peer.
+ - Torrent tries to connect to all trackers simultaneously not to only one
+ - Maximum number of peers allowed per torrent is raised to 200. Maximum number of parallel TCP connections per torrent is raised to 25.
+ - 50 most recent peers are saved when exiting
+ - BUG FIXED: USER 130 panic if connecting to network fails while some sockets are open
+ - BUG FIXED: USER 11 panic at random intervals while downloading (caused by an undersized TBuf used for logging some debug info)
+ UI changes:
+ - Fixed piece bar width when screen orientation is changed (bar fits screen width)
+ - Fixed piece bar pieces colors
+ - Fixed torrent properties view size and background when layout is changed
+ - Enabled touch scrolling for torrent properties view
+ - Enabled marquee effect for torrent and files lists
+ - Added touch friendly tab bars
+ - Changed "Checking hash" progress dialog text to "Looking for already downloaded files" and renamed "Cancel" softkey to "Skip"
+ - If no torrents has been added, tapping the screen adds a torrent
+ 1.42 - 2009.07.17. - SVN version control integration
+ - 2008.12.13. - When a torrent is removed, the user is asked if they want to have incomplete files of the torrent deleted
+ 1.41 - 2008.11.26. - BUG[SymTorrent crashes after entering endgame] fixed
+ 1.40 - 2008.05.01. - BUG[Green upload icon is displayed correctly (only when there is an active upload in progress)
+ 2008.05.15. - Peers from tracker response are processed correctly (compact response bug)
+ 2008.06.01. - Option to automatically close network connection after downloads has been added
+ 2008.06.13. - Text colors fixed (obtained from theme)
+ 2008.06.13. - Changed line spacing in status and details views
+ 2008.06.13. - Changed the colors in the download status bar: yellow means patially download, green is fully downloaded
+ 2008.06.13. - BUG[Download path setting dialog pops up two times] FIXED
+ 2008.06.14. - BUG[Network conenction selection dialog popped up multiple times when cancelled] FIXED
+ 2008.06.14. - Error popups are displayed when starting the network connection failes or the network is disconnected
+ 2008.06.14. - Torrents no longer become "failed" when the user cancels the network selection dialog
+ 2008.06.16. - BUG[Application crashes with KERN-EXEC 0 during download] POSSIBLY FIXED (?)
+ 2008.06.16 - BUG[Receiving HAVE message with piece index 0 causes that the peer disconnects] FIXED
+ 2008.06.16. - Piece queuing added/updated
+ 2008.08.26. - Selecting which files of a torrent to download is now possible (in the files view select Download selection)
+ 2008.08.26. - BUG[The download status view is not refreshed after rotating the screen] FIXED
+ 2008.10.18. - S60 5th UI compatibility problems solved
+ 2008.10.19. - Text size on status and torrent properties view changed
+ 2008.10.22. - BUG[IP address is not displayed in status view] FIXED
+ 2008.10.22. - Added warning popups when witing to disk fails or no peers left
+ 2008.11.24. - BUG[Some of the downloaded data is lost after exiting] FIXED (partially downloaded pieces are saved)
+ 1.32 - Bufixes:
+ + A memory leak in the tracker has been fixed
+ + Some misspellings has been corrected
+ Major source code modifications:
+ + The networking and logging has been moved to separate libraries (KiNetwork is responsible for handling network connections, sockets, etc.
+ KiLogger is a general logging library which enables logging into multiple files with timestamps).
+ 1.30 - + End game algorithm implemented, downloading shouldn't slow down at the end. When a torrent enters ebd game, an "EG" label will appear
+ next to the download percentage in the torrent's status view.
+ + Network address of the devices is displayed correctly in the Status panel.
+ + In the torrent status view, the total number of peers is displayed (in brackets) along with the number of connected peers for each torrent.
+ + Backup & restore functionality for S60 3rd edition is now working for SymTorrent.
+ + The settings menu has been divided into a couple of sub-parts (separate page for general, proxy, and tracker settings).
+ + Piece hashes are checked when the application loads (can be enabled / disabled in the settings).
+ This prevents deleted files appearing as downloaded.
+ Piece hashes are checked when a new torrent is opened. If matching files are found in the target directory then those parts of torrent appears as downloaded.
+ Hash checking can always be skipped by pressing the Cancel softkey.
+ + Settings and download status are automatically saved in every 60 seconds (in previous versions the interval was 2 minutes).
+ Bugfixes:
+ + "SymTorrent disconnects good peers after handshake" MAJOR BUG fixed (apparently it caused that SymTorrent disconnected from around the third of the peers
+ right after handshake)
+ + "Application won't start after changing the incoming port" bug fixed
+ + "Application crashes in the Torrent Properties view if the 'Comment' or 'Created by' fields in a torrent are longer than 200 characters" bug fixed
+ + "Loading torrents with empty files (0 bytes) crashes" bug fixed
+ + "Wrong IP address is sent to the tracker if the device is behind a router (NAT)" bug fixed (IP address is now sent only if proxy connection is used)
+ + "SymTorrent cannot open sound files in the Files View" bug fixed (the file opening mechanism is completely replaced, files are now opened embedded in SymTorrent)
+ Major source code modifications:
+ + Tracker is moved to a separate DLL. From now on, SymTorrent will be released in two different packages: one with and one without the built-in tracker (it saves memory if you
+ use the version which doesn't have the tracker)
+ 1.26 - Major bugfix ("downloads slow down at the end" problem fixed), status of tracker is displayed in the tracker view. On the protocol
+ level, piece requests are sent in bursts (it may also speed up transfer a bit).
+ 1.21 - Added multi-tracker support (SymTorrent now parses "announce-list" entries from the torren files)
+ Added proxy support (you can run a proxy on a separate desktop computer to provide public IP address for your mobile device)
+ Added tracker (a basic tracker service is available inside SymTorrent)
+ Some fixes in the UI (hopefully, the flickering in the download state view is gone)
+ Pieces are downloaded in random order
+ For developers: SymTorrent is divided into several separate projects, e.g. the engine is available in a separate DLL.
+ 1.10 - Client can accept incomming connections.
+ Some bugs have been fixed.
+ The state of torrents is saved in every 2 minutes.
+ Both S60 3rd and 2nd edition phones are supported.
+ 1.0 - Initial release
+3. Installation
+ SymTorrent is a self-signed application, which means it has not been sent to Symbian for testing. Before installation
+ you should make sure your phone has the "Software installation" option of the Application manager set to "All"
+ (Tools / App. mgr. / Settings), otherwise the phone may refuse to install the application.
+4. Known issues
+ SymTorrent rarely crashes during download (the application exits and needs to be restarted to continue downloading).
+ Poor performance with large (larger than 2 GByte) torrents.
+ Some downloaded files are not accessible while other parts of the associated torrent are still being downloaded.
+ There could be some issues with the built-in tracker.
+5. Developer info
+ SymTorrent consists of several projects, which needs to be built separately to prepare the complete application. Each project
+ has a separate directory.
+ In order to get a running version of SymTorrent, you only need to build "SymTorrentEngine" and "SymTorrent". The
+ projects "TorrentRecog" and "SymTorrentLaunch" are responsible for autostarting SymTorrent when a .torrent file
+ is selected on the phone.
+ The complete list of projects included in the repository:
+ SymTorrent - The UI and the other "high level" components of the application excluding the BitTorrent engine.
+ SymTorrentEngine - A separate DLL which is responsible for all the UI independent client functions, such as connecting
+ the tracker, communicating with the peers, etc. If you are thinking on creating your own BitTorrent-based
+ application then you will need this project. It also includes the communication/network related code.
+ SymTorrentLauncher - Separate dummy application for launching SymTorrent when a recognizer finds an associated file (.torrent).
+ TorrentRecog - A recognizer for .torrent files (the sis file must be Symbian-signed otherwise recognizers
+ won't install on the phone!). A prebuilt and express signed sis file is included in the SymTorrent subproject's
+ SIS directory.
+ KiLogger - Project for file based debug logging. Logging is disabled by default so you do not need to bother with this.
+ Furthermore, there is a Screenshots directory holding a couple of screenshots for SymTorrent and the logo.
+ The projects can be built with S60 3rd MR SDK or newer version. Using a newer SDK actually gives no benefits so I recommend using
+ the 3rd MR version to maintain the broadest device compatibility.
+ Using Carbide C++:
+ In order to build SymTorrent, first initialize Carbide C++ with a new workspace (preferably the directory where all the SymTorrent
+ subprojects are located). After that import each subproject one-by-one using the File/Import/Symbian OS/Symbian OS bld.inf file menu
+ command (select bld.inf from the subproject_name\group directory). Make sure that when the wizard gets to the "Project name and location"
+ part, the "Root directory" points to the root of the current subproject (e.g. SymTorrent\SymTorrentEngine for SymTorrentEngine) not to
+ the root of the repository. Otherwise you will get errors at the end of the import process.
+ To get a SIS installer at the end of the build proces, you need to configure the SIS builder for the "SymTorrent" project. Select the
+ SymTorrent project the go to Project/Properties/Carbide C++/Build Configurations/SIS Builder. Add a new SIS and select SymTorrent.pkg
+ as the package file. SymTorrent can be built as a self-signed app.
+ When done, first build KiLogger, then SymTorrentEngine and finally SymTorrent. If everything is done correctly, you should have a signed
+ SIS file in the directory, you gave at the SIS Builder settings.
+6. Credits
+ Current authors:
+ Imre Kel�nyi (
+ Former authors (initial version):
+ P�ter Ekler
+ SymTorrent UI, tracker and proxy
+ Zsolt Pszota
+ SymTorrent UI, tracker and proxy
+ Special thanks to Dorottya Tak�cs for the SymTorrent logo!

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