Helm plugin for manage helm repositories on Tencent COS
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helm-cos Build Status

helm-cos is a helm plugin that allows you to manage private helm repositories on Tencent Cloud Object Storage.


Install the latest version:

$ helm plugin install https://github.com/imroc/helm-cos

Install a specific version:

$ helm plugin install https://github.com/imroc/helm-cos --version 0.2.0

Quick start

# Init a new repository
$ helm cos init cos://bucket/path

# Add your repository to Helm
$ helm repo add repo-name cos://bucket/path

# Push a chart to your repository
$ helm cos push chart.tar.gz repo-name

# Update Helm cache
$ helm repo update

# Fetch the chart
$ helm fetch repo-name/chart

# Remove the chart
$ helm cos rm chart repo-name




Create a repository

First, you need to create a bucket on COS, which will be used by the plugin to store your charts.

Then you have to initialize a repository at a specific location in your bucket:

$ helm cos init cos://your-bucket/path

You can create a repository anywhere in your bucket.

This command does nothing if a repository already exists at the given location.

You can now add the repository to helm:

$ helm repo add my-repository cos://your-bucket/path

Push a chart

Package the chart:

$ helm package my-chart

This will create a file my-chart-<semver>.tgz.

Now, to push the chart to the repository my-repository:

$ helm cos push my-chart-<semver>.tgz my-repository

If you got this error:

Error: update index file: index is out-of-date

That means that someone/something updated the same repository, at the same time as you. You just need to execute the command again or, next time, use the --retry flag to automatically retry to push the chart.

Once the chart is uploaded, use helm to fetch it:

# Update local repo cache if necessary
# $ helm repo update

$ helm fetch my-chart

This command does nothing if the same chart (name and version) already exists.

Remove a chart

You can remove all the versions of a chart from a repository by running:

$ helm cos remove my-chart my-repository

To remove a specific version, simply use the --version flag:

$ helm cos remove my-chart my-repository --version 0.1.0

Don't forget to run helm repo up after you remove a chart.


You can use the global flag --debug to get more informations. Please write an issue if you find any bug.