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Hi Ivan,

Love your work!

Just wanted to ask if there were any plans or reasons against adding support for an inline SVG for gradient backgrounds in IE9?

The ColorZilla gradient generator creates one for you when IE9 support is ticked..

I wouldn't imagine it'd increase the size of cssFx much?


DASPRiD commented Mar 27, 2012

I'd like to see this as well.


imsky commented Mar 28, 2012

The traditional gradient fallback for IE6-8 will be included in the near future. The SVG converter can be as large as 1 KB compressed, so if it can be reduced to around 500B, it'll be included.

Fair call.

I had a look for a couple more sources.. This one from Microsoft is ~40k of code but its quite complete. It also has an SVG loading method and support for a lot of gradient types I myself never even use. So it could possibly be cut down..

This other one, is extremely basic and simple.

The other size problem is of course the base64 encoder, which would only be used for this and thus hard to justify adding.

Slightly off topic.. Have you considered adding a basic plugin system? Like a rules collection we can extend with our own CSS filters/processors if we'd like? I think this could have potential. You could alternately make cssFx into a modular library with a build script, and then the community could start building and contributing useful filters?

To be frank though, your level of understanding on this projects' topics are way over my own.


imsky commented Mar 29, 2012

Plug-ins can work. There are some fundamental features that need to be finalized, and then all the nice-to-haves will be added.

Sounds good to me. Maybe someday soon I'll find the courage to contribute =P

Thanks for your time Ivan, appreciated.

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