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@@ -274,6 +274,10 @@ You can prevent Holder from running its default configuration by executing ``Hol
Holder is compatible with ``lazyload.js`` and works with both fluid and fixed-width images. For best results, run `.lazyload({skip_invisible:false})`.
+## Using with Vue
+You can use Holder in Vue 2+ projects with [vue-holderjs](
## Using with Angular.js
You can use Holder in Angular projects with [ng-holder]( or with [angular-2-holderjs]( for Angular 2 projects.
@@ -282,6 +286,20 @@ You can use Holder in Angular projects with [ng-holder](
Because Meteor includes scripts at the top of the document by default, the DOM may not be fully available when Holder is called. For this reason, place Holder-related code in a "DOM ready" event listener.
+## Using with Webpack
+If you're using `ProvidePlugin` in your Webpack config, make sure to configure it as follows:
+plugins: [
+ new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
+ 'Holder': 'holderjs',
+ 'holder': 'holderjs',
+ 'window.Holder': 'holderjs'
+ })
## Browser support
* Chrome

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