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A collection of scripts to run multiple Atom profiles.
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Multiple Atom Profiles

A collection of batch / bash scripts for running multiple Atom profiles using the ATOM_HOME environment variable.

See for more information on the development and my personal usage of these scripts.

Basic Usage

Create a directory to hold your custom Atom profiles, and copy the scripts for your respective operating system into it. Add this directory to your PATH and rename the two scripts according to the profile's use, following the atom-[subject] and apm-[subject] nomenclature. Launch the custom profile using the atom-[subject] script, which will create a atom-[subject]-home folder.

The atom-[subject] launch script can be ran from a file explorer or by using atom-[subject] via a command line. Note that any arguments used with atom will still work. For example, you can use atom-[subject] to open Similarly, you can use apm-[subject] from the command line to install packages to the custom profile.

To create additional profiles, simply copy and rename existing atom-[subject] and apm-[subject] scripts.


This work is licensed under the MIT license.

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