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BGP routing protocol examples


In this example "Custom Config" feature is used for BGP router's configuration.

Double click on router or select "Configure" from right-click popup menu:

  • Custom startup config is "Enabled"
  • Selected custom config is "conf1"
  • Click on "Editor" button

(configuration is taken from: "Configuring and Testing Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) on Basis of Cisco Hardware and Linux Gentoo with Quagga Package (Zebra)":


This is the example of BGP router configuration inserted directly in .imn file.

vi BGP-Anycast.imn

In this example BGP Anycast routing is demonstrated:

  • IP address is assigned to WEB1 and WEB2.
  • Client1 is redirected to WEB1 and Client2 is redirected to WEB2.
  • If the link between Backbone1 and DC2 is configured to have BER=1, than after some time the traffic from Client2 is redirected to WEB1.
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