Examples of security scenarios in IMUNES
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Examples of security scenarios in IMUNES.

IMUNES is a lightweight network emulator that runs on top of the FreeBSD kernel which is used to create a virtual network topology by using FreeBSD jails and netgraph.

All presented scenarios run on in the IMUNES virtual machine that can be downloaded from: http://www.imunes.net/dl/IMUNES_security.ova.

The IMUNES manual is located here.

To run the scenarios, after starting the virtual machine, just git pull the latest version of the repository in /root/imunes-security:

# cd imunes-security
# git pull

Starting experiments in IMUNES

From shell:

# imunes -b mitm.imn

or from GUI:

# imunes mitm.imn

and then select the menu Experiment -> Execute.

Executing commands in virtual nodes

From shell (with the himage command):

# himage node_name command

or from GUI:

  • double-click on a virtual node in a running experiment
  • right-click on a virtual node and select Shell window -> csh or Shell window -> bash

Copying files from and to virtual nodes

This can be done only from shell by using the hcp command:

# hcp script.py node_name:
# hcp node_name:script.log .
# hcp n0:key.pem n1: