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Twitter component for CakePHP

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After searching for a suitable php Twitter component for cakephp I found none. So here is my attemp at it. 
This component implenets all of the twitter api found on

	    class TweetsController extends AppController
	        var $name = 'Tweets';
	        var $helpers = array('Time', 'Html');
	        var $components = array('Twitter');        
	        var $uses = array();
	        function index()
	            $this->Twitter->username = Configure::read('Twitter.username');
	            $this->Twitter->password = Configure::read('Twitter.password');
	            $statuses = $this->Twitter->status_user_timeline(
	                            Configure::read('Twitter.username') ,
	                            array('count' => 10)
	            if(array_key_exists('statuses', $statuses))
	                $this->set('tweets', $statuses['statuses']['status']);                
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