"Entwicklungshelfer": Guide for Oxid Developers
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Developer's Guide // "Entwicklungshelfer" for OXID eShop Developers

  • Important note! If you already use an older version of the module, please read the (really short) update section.
  • Installation instructions below.


This module provides quick-access to functionalities often required by module and theme developers. Please familiarise with the configuration before using the module.


  • If you already use an older version of this module, open the shop admin and go to Extensions => Modules
  • Select "imva.biz: Developer's Guide" and disable the module.
  • Remove the existing directory (imva.biz/imva_devguide) from your shop's module directory.
  • Refresh the module administration page and if asked if you wish to remove existing associations, confirm.


  • Copy the contents of copy_this to your shop's root directory (where bootstrap.php is located.
  • The metadata.php file should be located in: modules/imva.biz/imva_devguide.
  • In the shop admin, go to Extensions => Modules and select "imva.biz: Developer's Guide"
  • In the section below click "activate".

The available features will appear in the admin menu on the left hand side. If they don't appear, log in again.

Description and user manual

Available at http://www.ackis-oxid.de/2013/entwicklungshelfer-fr-oxid-entwickler-developers-guide/ .


Clear cache

  • Clears the compile directory of the shop, database file cache and compiled smarty templates.

Rebuild views

  • Updates the database views. This is necessary after modifying the database layout.

Reset modules

  • Most powerful feature of this module
  • Deletes the whole module configuration. Useful if it became impossible to load a module.
  • Also clears the template block associations
  • Contains an auto-revive feature to automatically enable this module again. Recommended.
  • Can also re-activate 3rd party modules. Use this feature with precaution!

Updating from versions below 0.7.x

If problems occur, please follow the steps described in http://www.ackis-oxid.de/2013/module-kann-nicht-aktiviert-werden-in-oxid-eshop-beheben-modulkonfiguration-zurcksetzen/ .

System Requirements

  • Created for OXID eShop 4.9 and higher. (CE, PE, EE)
  • Might also work in OXID eShop 4.7 and 4.8.