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# Patch tool for OXID eShop

## Technische Details (Server)
- For OXID eShop 4.8 and higher.

* Copy the contents of the "copy_this" directory to your shop's root directory (where the "" is located).
* Log-in to the shop's admin page and go to "Extensions" and select "Patch module for OXID eShop".
* Click "activate".
* Go to the "settings" tab and select the desired features there.

##Using the module
* Features can be accessed by opening the section " modules" in the menu
* Open "Patches" to find more.

##Important notes
* This module is intended to be used by professionals.
* The module has originally been created for several projects and was released to the public just now. Please be aware of that. (No warranties.)
* In any case, always have a backup!