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Services for OXID eShop modules
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Global service provider for modules for the OXID eShop.


  • imva_isCheckout() decorator for ViewConfig
  • File access service
  • Database helper
  • Logger
  • Article extension to get the respective items from the basket
  • Language extension: have all translations in subdirectories of translations/.


  • Copy the contents of modules/ to your shop's module directory.
  • In the shop admin, go to Extensions => Modules and select " Core module".
  • In the section below click "activate".

You are free to use this module with your own modules. See the source for details.


  • Disable the module in the shop admin.
  • Remove the directory named imva_services.
  • Procceed with the installation instructions.

System Requirements

  • Created for OXID eShop 4.9 and higher. (CE, PE, EE)
  • PHP 5.6 and higher.
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