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set -e
set -o nounset
if [ -x /usr/bin/python2 ]; then
echo "Adding symlink to python2 into PATH."
ln -sf /usr/bin/python2 `pwd`/python
export PATH=`pwd`":$PATH"
echo "calling ./configure"
echo "calling make -j4"
make -j4
echo "setting up in /var/tmp"
mkdir -p /var/tmp/istatd-quickstart
mkdir -p /var/tmp/istatd-quickstart/store
mkdir -p /var/tmp/istatd-quickstart/settings
ln -sf `pwd`/files /var/tmp/istatd-quickstart/files
echo "istatd starting up -- hit localhost:18011 in a browser to see it in action"
bin/istatd --config quickstart.cfg --user `logname`