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The IMVU Statistics Daemon

sample istatd dashboard image

Table of Contents

  • Why istatd? - The reasons behind istatd's creation, and why you should pick this over existing alternatives.
  • Building istatd - How to compile and install istatd.
  • Configuring istatd - There are a few different ways to configure istatd, through commandline arguments, or config files.
  • Recording Counters - How to record new counters to istatd's data store.
  • Counter Types - An explanation about event and gauge counter types.
  • Administering istatd - Care and feeding post-install
  • Third-party Integration - Integrating istatd with other services, such as collectd.
  • Web Frontend - How to use the web frontend that comes with istatd.
  • Users and Dashboards - What is this "login" button anyway?
  • HTTP Interface - Using the REST-like HTTP interface to query counter data in istatd.
  • Utilities - Various helpful tools which can assist in debugging stat files, fabricating fake data for functional tests, and handy other things.
  • Glossary - A compendium of terms and jargon used in istatd.
  • The License - The software license for istatd's source code.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to some common questions pertaining to istatd.
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