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HTTP Interface

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istatd comes with an HTTP interface, part of which is a useful REST-like service. In fact, istatd's web frontend is simply a small convenience layer over that. However, it occasionally comes in handy to talk to this remote service directly, for various monitoring and exporting utilities.

The following are different requests that can be made:

  • Get a counter - GET request to retrieve data for a single counter.
  • Get multiple counters - POST request to retrieve data for multiple counters at once.
  • List matching counters - GET request to find counter names that match a given pattern.
  • List matching agents - GET request to find agents which have forwarded data to this istatd server that match a given pattern.
  • Get files - GET request to fetch assets contained in the files/ folder.
  • Get settings - GET request to retrieve a named settings file.
  • Write settings - POST request to save a named settings file.
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