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imvujs is a standard library and toolchain for modern software development in JavaScript. imvujs has been called "JavaScript for grown-ups."

Unlike jQuery, YUI, and Backbone, and AngularJS, imvujs attempts to avoid being a new API or programming model. As much as possible, it tries to follow open standards such as HTML5 and ES5. For example, imvujs includes Kris Kowal's excellent es5-shim, guaranteeing that Array.forEach and other ES5 functions are available, even on IE8.

imvujs provides a module system so you can write code in separate files and combine them into one minified JavaScript file for efficient delivery to your users. However, this module system is optional, and there's nothing stopping you from using RequireJS or another AMD loader.

imvujs also provides a JavaScript unit testing framework. It's easy to write and run unit tests from the command-line with Node.js, in a browser, or with a headless browser such as PhantomJS or Leprechaun (based on the Chromium Embedded Framework).

Finally, imvujs includes common libraries that are hard to live without, such as jQuery, Underscore.js, and Backbone.js.

imvujs targets both modern browsers and Node.js.

Browser Support

  • IE8+
  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Chrome
  • Safari


See our docs tree

Pre-Commit Hooks

  • JSHint must pass for all *.js files under src directory
  • No tab allowed
  • All tests must pass

The JSHint options live in .jshintrc at the root of this tree.

Setup: The s/pull script just copies s/.githooks/pre-commit to your .git/hooks/ directory and assures it's executable.

If it's absolutely urgent for you to bypass this hook, there are a couple of options: git add --no-verify is one, and git commit -n is the other.