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Connect to Starbucks WiFi without opening a browser.
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A shell script that will connect (authenticate) to Starbucks WiFi without requiring a browser.

Update September 2 2018: Now compatible with latest Google Starbucks WiFi.


  • curl


Captive portals are annoying.

Connecting to the wireless network at Starbucks requires you to open a web browser and click the big green "Accept & Connect" button. The problem is that if you're running a web browser with privacy minded add-ons such as Firefox with HTTPS Everywhere then chances are you'll be greeted with an HTTPS error page. Of course you could disable HTTPS Everywhere, try again, click the green button, and then re-enable the add-on. But that's too much work. And what if you forget to re-enable HTTPS Everywhere? Not cool dude.

MAC Address Parameter

Update September 2 2018: The following is no longer the case with the new Google Starbucks WiFi. Please note that you can no longer remove or spoof the MAC address URL parameter. A final check in the authentication process verifies your MAC address with the supplied parameter. Once again, spoof before you enable your network adapter.

You may also notice the script does not POST your MAC address to the submit page. To my surprise it's not a required parameter. Regardless if this adds any layer of anonymity it should be noted that any network you connect to will record your MAC address. It's best to spoof your address BEFORE you even enable your network interface and send any packets to the access point.

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