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Like urlview but with more context for HTML documents.

That is, linkview parses both plaintext and valid HTML documents to extract links. The advantage to this is being able to extract the text from a link or in the case of an image, the alt or title attributes. This gives more context to what the URL points to. Link text will show in the menu instead of just the URL if given an HTML document.


h: help   q: quit   (6 of 29)

   Expert endorsed recommendations from a catalog of 2000+ courses -- little to no previo
   Python for Everybody
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   Ruby on Rails
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-> Algorithms
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   Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals
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   Android App Development
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   Full Stack Web and Multiplatform Mobile App Development
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   Applied Data Science with Python
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   Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence
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   Cloud Computing
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   Learner Help Center |
   Email Settings |

The first section displays some help text, the second displays a URL preview of the currently selected link, and finally the menu of links. Pressing the return key will open the currently selected link in your default browser. Pressing the tab key will hide the menu and display the full URL.

How To Install

$ go get -u

How To Use

$ linkview /path/to/filename

Or pipe to.

$ cat /path/to/filename | linkview


h:               toggle help (press again to return to menu)
tab:             toggle full url
g:               go to top
G:               go to bottom
k / C-p / up:    move up
j / C-n / down:  move down
return / C-o:    open url
q / C-c:         quit

But Why?

Many HTML emails are built using marketing platforms that modify URLs for tracking and analytics purposes. It becomes difficult to figure out what the URL points to. If you notice in the example above, the URL to the Algorithms class is obscured by a redirect URL but linkview displays the link text instead of only the URL.

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