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Welcome to DuckDuckHack's Spice Instant Answers Repository

Build Status

![]( search engine.png)

We're a community dedicated to making delightful search results for everyone. We do this using existing APIs, external data sets, or just some well-placed code.

Instant Answers appear on above ads and organic links, on millions of searches. Instant Answers are created by an open source community of developers around the world like yourself. Welcome!

You can find the full documentation here.

Jump Right In

The best way to learn about Instant Answers is to dive in with a walkthrough:

We also welcome new contributors to learn by improving existing Instant Answers:

Say Hello

slack You should definitely join us on Slack (you can also email us).

P.S.We're a digital community, but real people - we frequently meet up to hack together. Check out our global meetups.

Live Instant Answers Made by the Community

Here are some examples of what contributors have created. You can see all live Instant Answers listed here.

Instant Answers can be quite dynamic...

...or simply convenient:

Some are just cool:

Many are absolutely delightful and unexpected:

Many are super practical... ways we never imagined:

Some Instant Answers are built from pure code:

Other Instant Answers channel external sources (API requests):

App search Instant Answer example

The possibilities are endless. Our community's mission is to cover every topic with a community-generated Instant Answer.