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This repository has been deprecated. Use imwithye/gitignore instead.

Are you tired of managing your git ignore files? You probably work in this way

mkdir myproject && cd myproject
cat /path-to-ignore-template >> .gitignore
git init

Or even worse, you edit your git ignore file every time. You may use git init --template a lot. But here is a more pretty solution! Try git ignore!

Git-ignore is a git plugin which allows you manage your git ignore files. Add ignore file to current project by using

git ignore add python c java c++ objective-c

Ignore files relate to Python C and Java will be added into .gitignore file. Git-ignore use GitHub gitignore template as submodule. There are lots of language ignore files in this repository. You don't have to create your own template. Just start using it!

Sure, of course Git-ignore provides a way to manage your own templates:).


Git-ignore is fully wirtten in python 2. Make sure you have python 2 installed. And git-ignore use /usr/bin/python as default script. Do not override the system python. Report an issue if you find git-ignore cannot work on your workplace.


###OS X

Git-ignore can be installed via Homebrew. Try

brew tap imwithye/formula
brew install git-ignore

Start this project and make it popular! I will publish it to official Homebrew repository soon.

###Linux & Unix

Currently, git-ignore using a script installer to install. Try use

curl -sSl | sudo bash

Git-ignore can be installed without sudo, if you have write permission on /usr/local.

###Manual Install

For manually installation, you can recursively clone this repository and use make install. To remove simply use make uninstall (may require sudo). Or you can recursively clone this repository and copy it to anywhere you like, then create a symbolic link of as git-ignore to your system search path.


If you install git-ignore via Homebrew, just run brew uninstall git-ignore.

For script or make installation, git-ignore will install itself to /usr/local/git-ignore/ and create a symbolic link to /usr/local/bin/git-ignore. If the file already exists, git-ignore will override it. This can be used to upgrade git-ignore as well. This operation may require sudo. You can fully remove git-ignore by deleting git-ignore directory and git-ignore symbolic link.

Again, star this repository if you like it:).


Try git ignore usage. It will out put some useful information.

Git-ignore is a quite simple tool.

###Add ignore

git ignore add python java c

git ignore add <ignore files>, this command allows you add multi git gitignore files to .gitignore. Note that there is a search path for searching ignore files. Firstly git-ignore search ~/.git-ignores/, then $GIT-IGNORE/system-templates, then $GIT-IGNORE/github-templates. github-templates is cloned from GitHub gitignore template. All git ignore templates have to be named as name.gitignore.

Important, git-ignore is case-insenstive.

###See what will be added

git ignore show python java c

This command will show what will be added to your .gitignore file. The command without arguments will print out current .gitignore file.

###See which file will be added

git ignore which python java

If you have two python templates, this command will out put which python template will be added.

###Save a template

git ignore save my-python

To create your own template, try git ignore save [filename]. This command will save current .gitignore as filename.gitignore to ~/.git-ignores/. Also you can directly create a git ignore template under ~/.git-ignores/.

###Delete a template

git ignore delete my-python

To delete your own template, try git ignore delete [ignore file]. This command will only remove the template under ~/.git-ignores/. The command without arguments will remove the .gitignore file under current directory.


Git-ignore use git-flow developing model. Fork this repository then checkout a new feature. Then send a pull request.

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