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tl;dr; pass in 2 --mount settings. First, what you would find in .komodo directory. It can be empty except for komodo.conf like the repo's node dir. Second zcash-params.

put your chain data in the node directory, alternatively change the --mount settings when you run it, also --mount setting needs zcash-params passed in.

git clone
cd docker-komodo-smartcontracts
sudo docker build -t kmd-cc .
sudo docker run -it -p 7770:7770  --mount src=/home/me/docker-komodod/node,target=/root/.komodo,type=bind --mount src=/home/me/.zcash-params,target=/root/.zcash-params,type=bind kmd-cc

it will drop you into a shell

/komodo/src/komodod  -ac_cc=1 -ac_name=ATEST -addressindex=1 -spentindex=1 -ac_supply=1000 -ac_reward=10000000000000 -pubkey=033ace50aedf8df70035b962a805431363a61cc4e69d99d90726a2d48fb195f68c -regtest &
/komodo/src/komodo-cli -ac_name=ATEST -regtest getinfo
/komodo/src/komodo-cli -ac_name=ATEST -regtest generate 5
/komodo/src/komodo-cli -ac_name=ATEST -regtest getnewaddress
/komodo/src/komodo-cli -ac_name=ATEST -regtest getwalletinfo


  • It is designed so that you have the zcash-params already downloaded, so you can reuse them across many containers/blockchains in the ecosystem.
  • The node directory has the blockchain data and config.
  • Runs as root - this will get updated
  • The node/komodo.conf file has rpcuser and rpcpassword. You can use curl to interact.
  • Alternatively something like sudo docker exec /komodo/src/komodo-cli getinfo might work
  • curl should work, something like curl --user rpcuser:passworddrowssap --data '{"method": "getinfo"}'
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