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Z-Butt: An artisan keycap creation platform.
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Z-Butt-1U Family


An Artisan keycap creation platform.

If you have any questions, please contact me at:

Discord: Zappycobra#0001

Discord Server

Reddit: /u/imyownyear

Special thanks to yatara-cc, Fiscal_rascal, Cardiactuna, Davness<?>, CorruptedCaps, and morrae for helping with testing, providing resources, and feedback.

Description of use (where # is the Unit size):


Is used to create the silicone mold that gives your keycap its butt (Stem included).

This is to be used with Z-Butt-1U-sculpting-base.


Can be used to sculpt a 1U artisan keycap out of your preffered medium (I use Epoxy clay, vaseline, and a brush).

This is to be used with Z-Butt-1U-stem-cavity.


Can be used to copy any 1U keycap.

This is to be used with Z-Butt-1U-stem-cavity.
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