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In Development! Start Here! πŸ‘‹πŸ’–πŸ

In Development is a Canadian Open Source Software Incubator.

We give developers the time and tools necessary to build successful open source projects, promote and support the local open source ecosystem, and build connections between our region and the broader open source world.

The Plan

We are planning a first cohort for six developers, each working on a separate OSS project, together in the same physical space, with their costs of living covered during the duration.

The developer space will also host our mentors, facilitators, and teachers, who will guide the developers through the process of building a successful and sustainable OSS project, by filling in any missing pieces in their knowledge.

We plan to launch the application process during Q3 2017, and to begin the first cohort during Q4, with the second cohort beginning in Q1 2018. The alumni of the first cohort will be involved in the application, selection, and mentoring processes for the next cohort, adding to our organizational strength with each passing quarter.


For Participants

Have an early-stage OSS project that you'd like to work on full-time?

Get in touch! For now, open an issue with the name of your project.

For Mentors

Interested in being a mentor? Get in touch! For now, we are publicly accepting mentors via GitHub Issues. Make a PR to add yourself to There's a template in there.

For Sponsors

Our immediate ask is for partners who will sponsor a developer for the first cohort. Estimated cost of living is $4,000 per month, which is $12,000 per developer for one three month cohort. We have space for six of these, and the first sponsors will earn a permanent place in our foundation’s history.

Over the longer term we seek renewable sources of funding, including long-term grants and sponsoring relationships with companies that want to continue to support OSS tool development, building a hiring pipeline for companies that want to support our graduates in doing OSS development internally, and offering open source tools as services and products.

Get in touch: email


All documents here are under the CC-BY-SA-NC Unported International 4.0 License Β© 2017 In Development CA


πŸ‘‹πŸ’–πŸ In Development! Start Here!







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