Data on Indian Electors, Constituencies, Polling Stations, and Politicians

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  1. poll-station-metadata

    Metadata on Polling Stations, including Officers, data on the building, and link to electoral rolls (some inactive)

    Python 2

  2. parse_elex_rolls

    Scripts for parsing Indian Electoral Rolls + Data

    Python 2

  3. electoral_rolls

    PDFs of Indian Electoral Rolls

    HTML 5 2

  4. indian-politician-bios

    Biographical data of political candidates in India; rich data on Indian MPs

    Python 1

  5. bihar_2016_panchayat_elex

    Candidate Info. + Valid Votes Won by Cands. in the 2016 Bihar Panchayat Elections

    Python 1

  6. secc

    Socio-Economic Caste Census 2011

    Python 1 1

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