Create PDF line break reports with Java
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Create column based PDF reports. It's lightweight and fast. If you need desktop published reports, then something like Jasper reports would be better. If you need to create a column based report with grouping, totaling, and sub totaling, then this framework will help you out.


Test folder has a couple of JUNIT tests that can be run to produce example reports


Grab the khs-report-writer-X.X.jar in this project and put in your class path

or using maven

Download and install using following mvn command

 mvn install 

and add the following depedency to your POM.xml


Usage Example

 // output writer
 ReportPDFWriter writer = new ReportPDFWriter();
 writer.setOut(new FileOutputStream(new File(new URI("file:/users/dpitt/stocks.pdf"))));

 // create processor with factory and iterator
 // create processor with a ReportFactory and ReportIterator
 // Factory describes report format (columns,headings) 
 // Iterator turns report data into frameworks row and column type

 ReportProcessor processor = new ReportProcessor(new StockQuoteReportFactory(), new StockReportIterator());
 processor.writer = writer;