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Spring Batch Report Writing Framework Build Status

This project enables the creation of PDF line break reports using the Spring Batch Framework. This framework has been used to successfully generate numerous audit reports for a financial institution.

What it does

Through spring batch chunk tasklet configuration you can define a line break report and specify columns to group and total on. Multiple control breaks can be defined along with header and footers. Report is output to a PDF at a specified resource path. This framework approach originated and has been used to produce financial accounting, audit and reconciliation reports.

Getting Started

To build it clone then use Maven:

$ git clone ...
$ cd khs-spring-batch-report-writer
$ mvn install

Using Maven: add this dependency in your 'pom.xml'


Note: This dependency is publicly available via NEXUS Central OSS repository

Sample job that generate PDF(s) can be found in UNIT TEST folder


Grouping, Totaling,and Subtotaling Format Headings, Footings, Columns Implements as a Spring batch Writer Process very large result sets Outputs PDF file

Example Job report step definition

<job id="job1" xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/batch">
	<step id="step1" parent="simpleStep">
			<chunk reader="reportReader" processor="reportProcessor" writer="reportWriter" commit-interval="1"/>

Report Reader Read - Read Timesheet Data

<bean id="reportReader" class="com.khs.batch.report.ExampleTimesheetReportReader" />     

Report Processor - Specify report factory (factory defines headings/columns/totals.etc)

<bean id="reportProcessor" class="com.khs.batch.report.ReportProcessor">  
   <property name="factory" ref="exampleReportFactory" />

<bean id="exampleReportFactory" class="com.khs.batch.report.ExampleTimesheetReportFactory" />

PDF Writer - Define PDF attributes and report output path

<bean id="reportWriter" class="com.khs.batch.report.ReportPDFWriter"> 
     <property name="resource" value="file:/${java.io.tmpdir}/batch-report.pdf" />  
     <property name="width" value="60"/> 
     <property name="headingWidth" value="60" />
     <property name="reportingMetaData" ref="metaData" />

<bean id="metaData"  class="com.khs.batch.report.ReportingMetaData">
	<property name="author" value="KHS" />
	<property name="subject" value="PDF Reporting" />
	<property name="keywords" value="Spring, Spring Batch, PDF Report" />
	<property name="creator" value="KHS Batch" />
	<property name="title" value="PDF Batch Report" />

How it Works

Reader Report Reader turns data result into report row objects List. You implement retrieval query along with a Report Factory for report layout

Processing Frameworks Report Processor groups, totals, etc...

Writing PDF Writer formats processor output into PDF file

Report Factory

A report layout is defined by extending from com.khs.batch.report.ReportFactory. Factories define your report layout An example is shown below...

 * Example Timesheet report format (i.e. columns,headings, footings, groupings, totaling, etc..)
 * @author dpitt  www.keyholesoftware.com

 * Example Timesheet report format (i.e. columns,headings, footings, groupings, totaling, etc..)
 * @author dpitt
public class ExampleTimesheetReportFactory extends ReportFactory {
	// column ids
	public final static String WEEKEND = "weekend";
	public final static String DEPARTMENT = "department";
	public final static String EMPLOYEE = "employee";
	public final static String HOURS = "hours";

	// Report Header List
	// Each element in list is a header line
	// ~ is used to justify header text LEFT,CENTER,RIGHT
	// # indicates page number
	public List<String> getHeader() {
		return Arrays.asList("Example Report", "~Example Timesheet Report~Page #");

	// Report Columns Column definitions options...
	// Column.New(<col id>,<col value>).group()
	// Column.New(<col id>,<col value>).total()
	public List<Column> getColumns() {
		return Arrays.asList(Column.New(WEEKEND, "Weekend"), Column.New(DEPARTMENT, "Department").group(), Column.New(EMPLOYEE, "Employee"), Column.New(HOURS, "Hours").total());

	// Report Footer List
	// Each element in list is a header line
	// ~ is used to justify header text LEFT,CENTER,RIGHT
	public List<String> getFooter() {
		return Arrays.asList("~Footer for ");