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This repo is a internet-connected doorbell featuring:

  • 4 separate doorbell-buttons to ring
  • separate doorbell-sounds per doorbell-button
  • textmessage

Todo’s and Features of the internet-connected, intercom-doorbell:

  • Create and update this README
  • Create the default startup routine
  • Add several doorbell-sounds and modify the doorbell to any sound you want
  • Add Door-open detection
  • Add working connection to any mobile phone
  • Snapshot gets taken using the camera
  • Sending a text to any person of choice XXXXX
  • Sending a Tweet to any person of choice
  • Muting the indoors music XXXXX
  • Dimming the indoors light XXXXX
  • Intercom with Sound XXXXX See “Intercom to any device at home”
  • Intercom with Sound&Image XXXXX See “Intercom to any device at home”


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